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 Rock Ragnarok Online [7k/7k/7k] 3rd Job Implemented!

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PostSubject: Rock Ragnarok Online [7k/7k/7k] 3rd Job Implemented!   Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:37 am

Server Birthdate: early September of 2010
Server is 24/7 UP Guaranteed!


Server Description:

-Every month = new custom items set
-Ragnarok Renewal (up to date)
-Everyday WoE
-Dynamic Quest (item previewer)
-Endless Tower
-Devil Square - custom mobs
-Last Man Standing
-Automated Dice Event
-Nidhoggur's Nest (soon!)
-3rd Class (with skills)
-Donation reward system
-Server is UP 24/7
-Professional GM's and Staff
-And more to come

Basic Information:

Base Exp: 6000x
Job Exp: 6000x
Drop Rate: 7000x
Quest Exp: default
Equip Drop: 7000x
Card Drop: 300x
MVP Equip Drop: 7000x
MVP Card Drop: 300x
Max Base Lvl: 255
Max Job Lvl: 120
Max Stats: 250
Max ASPD: 195
Server Mode: Normal
Main Ethnic or Language: English

Server Website:
How to Register:
RockRO Forums:
Languages Supported: English

Server Features:

Skill Resetter
Stat Resetter
Job Changer
Platinum Skill NPC
Town Warper
Dungeon Warper
Card Remover
WOE Information
Mall Warper
Buff NPC
Gold Room
Yggs Room
Renewal Classes
Renewal Stat System
Custom Drop Rates
Pvp Stat Viewer
Skill Point Remover
Poring Race Track
Sex Changer
Poring Shop
Race Girl
Hatred Reset
Shifty Assassin

Automated Events: Last Man Standing, Dice Event, Treasure Hunting
Other Feature Highlights: Mining

Player Commands: @rura, @warp, @mapmove, @save, @storage, @gstorage, @die, @help, @go, @memo, @petrename, @party, @time, @date, @serverdate, @servertime, @email, @uptime, @refresh, @mobsearch, @pettalk, @autoloot, @alootid, @mobinfo, @monsterinfo, @mi, @exp, @rates, etc..
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Rock Ragnarok Online [7k/7k/7k] 3rd Job Implemented!
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